Alpbachtal v 2.0


The PDA has now adjusted to the map and is functional
The whole area was repaired such as creates new fields, added a pig, built new unloading stations, scales inserted with display, installed the meadow and Schaaf also numerous trees were still set and much more that you can still explore
The Alpbach Valley is a valley in Austria that is surrounded by many mountains
The map is beautifully designed and very detailed what the many trees accelerate
There are many grasslands that can be managed by you
Your pig you should maintain Wore
Also you is put in the yard for disposal which is also equipped with a large scale BGA
On the map you can find now and probably know where you can store your chopped a new clamp
Some roadsides there is also a shelter if it rains
A few fields on the map are already in your possession that are already seeded also in part the rest is just plowed
Fields not include, you have to purchase yet

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