AiG Extreme Edition v 1.0

AiG-Extreme-Edition-v-1.0-1 AiG-Extreme-Edition-v-1.0-2 AiG-Extreme-Edition-v-1.0-3

– Fields must be tilled before use only
– BGA is now Buyable
– BGA Silo Walls further down and done something mistaken with signs for the filling volume
– BGA Ab Flamme was inserted
– BGA lighting was added ( automatically goes on at night)
– Kalk Mod was inserted
– Agricultural flyer was inserted
– New Heaven was inserted
– Freiland Silo was inserted
– An air field for the agricultural flyer with unloading point for wheat, barley, maize
– Aircraft for the aerodrome ( the spline ) is now flying his rounds
– Schwaade were made ​​higher (wheat, barley, grass, hay)
– Grass height and ground clearance have been revised
– Tree textures have been changed
– Added A lot of bushes and trees
– New roads have been created
– Waiting time after reboot at the railroad crossing was Corrects

Authors: Funky, @Beschreibung


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