Aherns Sherwell Fieldbin


The 2013 version of the Aherns/sherwell field bin consists of 4 different bins , 1 small more those little combines , 1 small with an extended auger , 1 normal and 1 normal with an extended auger.
Should be no trouble with most combines and trailers now.
It has a field mode and a transport mode , in field mode if you try and drive off you will get a warning message as this is not a trailer.
You can open both of the top doors even if you are not hooked up to a tractor , you need to connect the pto shaft from out side of the tractor if you wish to unload it.
This mod you take to you field or fields and position them for the combines and chaser bins to run to and for trucks to fill from.
The field bin will take sorghum , peas , wheat , barley , rape , maize , soybeans oats and sunflower.
you must be standing near the field bin to see the selections to operate the field bin.
controls for the field bin are:
Q to attach and de attach pto
V to go to transport or field position
X and O to open top doors
Once you are in the tractor and have it running you press B to unload.

Authors: Rustydog (fmc), Kaosknite, knuuud, Gate, Druptown (fmc)


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