Agro Nort Olivos Edition v 1.0 MR

Agro-Nort-Olivos-Edition-v-1.0-MR-1 Agro-Nort-Olivos-Edition-v-1.0-MR-2 Agro-Nort-Olivos-Edition-v-1.0-MR-3

– Included the cultivation of olives
– A factory oil (oil mill) where you sell cash crop in olives
– The map comes installed with a fully functional Pivot (You can fertilize with did field while simulating irrigation)
– Including Chopped Straw Mod
– Installed Soil Management (Treated soil) which if not controlled well fertilized and the PH of the soil with lime, manure and killed the grass with herbicide will not just production

Author: Setka


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