Agrarfrost v 10.2 MR Soil Mod Edition

Agrarfrost-v-10.2-MR-Soil-Mod-Edition-1 Agrarfrost-v-10.2-MR-Soil-Mod-Edition-2 Agrarfrost-v-10.2-MR-Soil-Mod-Edition-3

– Fermenting Silo
– Agrar Flieger
– Map Silo Band
– Wool Palette Collector
– Pigs
– Water Mod
– Mixing station
– Oberthalbacher country trade rebuild
– Rinder Mast
– Forgotten Plants Realistic Texture
– Slurry manure and Kalk Mod
– Brewery with production
– New Vehicle Shop
– Biogas Plants Pack
– Chain link fence with sliding gate
– Scale with statistics function
– Digital display for silo levels
– Mean machine hall
– Country Trade Rebuild
– Sugar refinery
– Billinger country trade
– Oil extraction plans
– Water fountain station V 1.2
– DDR water tank with water trigger
– Map Hose Ref Station
– Map buyable Object

Author: Tiago P


2 Responses to Agrarfrost v 10.2 MR Soil Mod Edition

  1. kenneth clark says:

    having a great time on this map so far, but did find a couple of bugs, fermenting silo trigger does not work, there is two holes where you have to sell your grains at the mill, you can fall right in so you can’t even sell no grains on the map. soil mod works great for the map but can you make some place to buy manure like on the Idaho USA map. I like how you set up your maps making things easy to manage. what about putting the bale elevator like you have on the Paradise map on the feed mixer station. I would also like to see you put the soil mod on the Paradise map since that map can produce a lot of manure. keep up the great work and just love playing on this map and Paradise

  2. kenneth clark says:

    back again with more bugs. when ever I go back in the map the vehicles are not in the same place where I left them. this time I had to reset three tractors. one parked by the front pig house fence was stuck in the fence where he was sitting, one parked next to the fence in the cow silo area next to the bga plant found him in the slurry tank in the bga plant. one parked by the oil plant front fence was then moved inside the plant inside a building. please fix this..

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