Agrarfrost Final Edition v 10.8 MR

Agrarfrost-Final-Edition-v-10.8-MR-1 Agrarfrost-Final-Edition-v-10.8-MR-2 Agrarfrost-Final-Edition-v-10.8-MR-3

– Fermenting Silo
– Agrar Flieger
– Map Silo Band
– Wool Palette Collector
– Pigs
– Water Mod
– Mixing station
– Oberthalbacher country trade rebuild
– Rinder Mast
– Forgotten Plants Realistic Texture
– Slurry manure and Kalk Mod
– Brewery with production
– New Vehicle Shop
– Biogas Plants Pack
– Chain link fence with sliding gate
– Scale with statistics function
– Digital display for silo levels
– Mean machine hall
– Country Trade Rebuild
– Sugar refinery
– Billinger country trade
– Oil extraction plans
– Water fountain station V 1.2
– DDR water tank with water trigger
– Map Hose Ref Station
– Map buyable Object

New in 10.8 MR version:
– Resize the fields to use the traditional “H”
– Added script for Fermenting Silo

Author: Tiago P


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