Additional Oldtimer Package v 0.95


In Pack Includes:

“No Name” Tractor – This is an old classic car, geschätzes Year: 1930. It is based on the HSCS MEZ tractors, a reclining cylinder diesel engine.
– Flywheel is animated speed depending
– Cooling fan speed depending animated
– Transmission pulley is animated speed depending
– Cooling fan pulley is animated speed depending
– Crank is faded out
– Real Exhaust scripts

NTF 50 – The NTF is a Fictional 50 tractor, modeled on the MAN tractor-50s he does with all-wheel drive and rear hydraulics a lot
– Engine vibrates while it is running, vibrates faster when the gas
– Cooler fan is animated, and rotates speed depending
– Gimbal wheel drive is animated, turns
– Lower links of the steering is animated
– Hydraulic cylinder for steering is animated (power steering)
– Lighting v 3.1
– Idle script
– Real Exhaust scripts

Allgaier A 22 R 18 – Here are the first real tractors. Allgaier A 22 R 18 have a single cylinder diesel engine with evaporative cooling. They differ mainly by that the A 22 has a hood and a little more power
– Both the flywheel speed is dependent animated
– Lighting V 3.1 in both
– The A-22 can the door in the hood open to screw the “glow stalk” to run into the cylinder
– Steering is fully animated in both
– Real Exhaust scripts

Massey Ferguson 830 + cutting
– Lighting v 3.1
– Cutting unit starts slowly
– Real Exhaust scripts

Old wagon
– Works like a Wagon
– Auskipp animation
– “3D Plane”

“Hydraulic Bottle” – This trailer serves three-point devices to attach to tractors which have only a low attacher, he (Optical) driven by a PTO, PTO with a joint is not absolutely necessary.
– Equipment attachments from three point
– Fully animated

Authors: Harvey, Giants, Ansomale, Jughaid, Kreters_Island, Hawk2.7, schlueterfan1977, EED123, Max1985…


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