VQ2 Hagenstedt v 2.75

VQ2-Hagenstedt-v-2.75-1 VQ2-Hagenstedt-v-2.75-2 VQ2-Hagenstedt-v-2.75-3

New in v 2.75 version:
– Added script Hud Hider
– Added script Player Camera
– Added script Accelerate time
– Removed field 43 and suaviado island
– Reduced soil loading zone mixing station
– Field 35 something bigger, placed next to 38
– Area of sheep and cows together
– Mixed fodder store substituted chaff
– Adjust position stores straw
– Changed location of breeding sheep
– Translate HUD of all types straw

Authors: Vanquish081, Marhu, Hardstyler, Alex2009, Javier007, Nick98_1, Chuzonet, BGP, BlueTiger, Team-SUB7


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