Rabe Super Albatros Pack v 1.1 MR


In Pack included 4 More Realistic Rabe Super Albatros Ploughs:
– Rabe Super Albatros 160: 6 row, work width 3 meter
– Rabe Super Albatros 140: 5 row, work width 2,5 meter
– Rabe Super Albatros 120: 4 row, work width 2 meter
– Rabe Super Albatros 100: 3 row, work width 1,5 meter

New in v 1.1 MR version:
– The plows are now being further excavated so that they are no longer at the turn at the Schluetern and some other mods in the floor sink

Authors: schlueterfan1977, Michl2, modelleicher, Börndi


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