Platinum Xtrella v 12.5


To easily identify Platinum Xtreme fans around the 12.5 version in multiplayer changed the extension to Xtremo Xtrella
The Dedicated Server is available at Continental Europe and the game name is:
Platinum Xtreme DS
The map Xtrella Platinum ( logically )
The Titanium edition with the bonus Enforcer ( Lambo )
Nothing else is required to do so

– When Watermills BGA can now also unload grass in the silos
– BGA North: chopped straw and grass
– BGA freight station: straw and chaff
– BGA Water Mills: grass and chopped
– BGA South: chopped
– The silos in the cow pasture you can only fill with chopped straw
– Game tip: you should do the following all the BGA easier to fill: BGA freight yard with straw on fill , BGA Water Mills with grass, BGA South goes anyway only with chopped and BGA North with chopped or if it has to go quickly, then grass
– With the new technology it is possible to operate the biogas plants with water, the water has to be 100% sterile
– The water should not be 100 % germ free wastewater is produced looks like manure is not toxic and you can use to fertilize the fields

Authors: Giants Software, Askari, Ganelcer, Eifok-Team, WayneischGeld, Fatian, Marhu, ubiks, mir unbekannt, TMT, skydancer, Alex2009, martinbig500, DerLord, BM-Modding, Claas Raser


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