More Realistic Mod v 1.1


More Realistic Mod – platform for a completely new and more realistic Farming Simulator experience.

- Improvements to the physics of the game engine : Fewer and more precision calculations
- Realistic accelerations and consideration of liability , mass, force and cornering
- Better braking system, which also weight , overloading, fast speeds, or wet ground now considered
- Improvement of the tilting behavior of vehicles
- Mountable script example for bales or pallets are unnecessary
- The dynamic adjustment of prices to the sale multipliers stations
- Seed is now consumed correctly
- Real calculation of the mass of charges depending on the density of the charged product
- Fuel consumption of the machine depends on the load of the vehicles
- Spreading and spraying now dosed on the speed during application
- Adaptive cruise control levels ( 1-4 keys can be defined in the game itself )
- Normal and Hard difficulty to use the helper seed , fuel , etc.
- Works in multiplayer

Authors: Giants, SFM-Modding, Xentro, Dural, Maxter


One Response to More Realistic Mod v 1.1

  1. Sebteam24 says:

    and for westbridge farm?? more realistic too???

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