MIG Map Made In Germany Celle Region v 0.85 BETA


Changelog V 0.85 BETA:
– 1 yard 1 village building , first objects created by real template
– Building village 1 2 yard , according to template creates real park of machines
– Building village 1 yard 3, created by real template for parking of machinery
– Revised fields possession problem , almost all field trigger
– Multi fruit , oats and rye sunflower hemp
– Installed manure mod liquid manure and created textures
– Installed feed mixer
– Conveyor belts feed storage
– Conveyor yard manure pit
– PDA created , new image
– Adapted PDA , ingame icons
– PDA, card installed in the workshop yard 1
– Chickens and sheep moved to the other two houses in the village
– More Freilandsilo in the yard capacity 1,300,000
– Single pigsty muck out the stable capacity liquid manure 150,000 800,000
– Double sty with Mitgrube and conveyor capacity liquid manure 500,000 800,000
– Collection trigger double pigsty packed out the door for large trailer
– Increased capacity yard manure and dung dung 650,000 to 950,000 liquid manure
– Slurry station for contest Zuhammer installed yard BGA
– Level indicators grain silos
– Station installed at the mill
– Gas station 1 yard built garage
– Modified crop and soil texture
– FSM mill built for multi Fruit Sales
– Prices outlets almost all revised
– Four more silos for Multi Fruit installed at Hoflager
– Details , from some fences to place 3D trees etc
– Collection trigger double pigsty packed out the door
– Wedge silos repaired and adjusted Colli
– English expanded description
– Ball BGA price doubled Shredder
– Signs adjusted slightly
– Patch 2.0 is required
– Adapted Terrain
– Point 4 + 12 + 5 + 8 + 12 revised here in the description

Authors: Bullgore, KretersIsland, Pille, Illuminated, Tessmann85 FSM, Flymaster


One Response to MIG Map Made In Germany Celle Region v 0.85 BETA

  1. roadrunner says:

    map wont load it crashes back to desktop with this one so i have to go back to using v0.80 🙁 im gutted

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