Landwehr Canal v 1.0 MP


A small courtyard with a basic selection of machines and two fields belong to the player when the game starts. On this farm there are no silos, but a warehouse for grain crops, from which the fruit can be taken only with the loader again (custom blades for standard vehicles are the DL at), potatoes and turnips can be stored at the loading facility and sold. Anyone who is not practiced in the wheel loader driving, the fruit (corn, canola, barley and wheat), taken from the silo at LU. Cow pasture is on the farm, housed sheep pasture at LU. The chickens run around freely in the yard, whom the croaking of the cock is too distracting (for me after 5 minutes), for a vehicles.xml to replace the DL, they simply move immediately after game start in your save game and on the yard is quiet.

Author: El Cid


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