In The Harz Foreland v 1.0

In-The-Harz-Foreland-v-1.0-1 In-The-Harz-Foreland-v-1.0-2 In-The-Harz-Foreland-v-1.0-3

– In the Map, the growth stage was Rotting away
– Fields can not be bought, all of which are from the beginning in the possession of the farmer
– Horseshoes can be collected
– Much of the fields has already been ordered and can be harvested profitably, so the there is a possibility to expand its own fleet, or the purchase of livestock at the beginning of the game

Authors: atze1978, Deere6800, Eckert35, NI Modding, honda hrc, XAnonymousX, Pauls Ranch18, wayne jr., Big M, Bluebaby 210, heli007, Tessmann85, K und S Modding, Papa, charly99, martinbigM500, XMeyerX, LS-Landtechnik, Wellano920, GE-Mapping, Treckerbodo, Bummi Brum, ZeFir Poland, Aerocool1, Wellano920, FrankWienberg[GER], SLJ-Agrar, Creative-Modding-Team, Thuruk


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