Grimme FT300 and Beet Harvester Combine v 1.0


6-row, 4 ton bunker, pulled the loader with FT300
Simple and sturdy, this was the formula in the development of the drawn beet harvester Rootster with 4-ton overloading bunker, which is available as a 6-row model. All other drives are designed mechanically and maintenance. This increases the ease of service and also provides a low power requirement (from 110 kW/150 hp). The Rootster can be used in the one phase method with the FT300.
That is two steps in a front herb hitting and clear rear saves half of time.
This combination is the Great Maxtron nothing after only difference is the bunker volume both clear 6 rows.
Setting Hint Roder and once when turning on headlands only raise the FT300.
By Radtaster and the beet harvester button is keeping the good track.

Author: Lexion780tt


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