GPS Mod v 3.0


With this mod you add all vehicles added a GPS assistance system

Changelog v 3.0:
– New user interface with mouse control and tool tips
– Recognition for field
– Automatic reversal at the end of the field
– Function for stopping x-meters before end of field (switch off cruise control)
– Row counter (resettable)
– Unlimited number of presets for settings (stored)
– Courses can be readjusted (parallel, angle)
– Improved display the price adjustment
– Second line display
– Display via xml configurable
– Steering behavior significantly improved (steering point in front / behind vehicle)
– Reversing
– Crab steering is supported (suitable speci required Demomod follows on occasion)
– Anlenkwinkel limited (important for large working widths)
– Improved support for Knicklenker
– Optional mode for steering wheel player (no automatic steering of the controller)
– LS11 mode eliminates
– Optimized server
– Fixed Input Binding conflict with hireable tools
– MR-Compatible

Authors: upsidedown, eribus, bullgore, Kubo, SchorschiBW


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  1. Josh Coley says:

    What map is that??

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