Ford Force Conversions v 1.0


There was a time when Four Wheel Drive wasn’t a factory fitted option on tractors. Independent companies such as County and Roadless made conversions of mainstream 2wd tractors aimed users requiring high traction and pulling ability. The success of these early conversions paved the way for tractor manufacturers to offer 4wd as an “in house” option. Today the majority of tractors are 4wd, with 2wd versions of anything over 60hp being very uncommon.

These tractors are 4wd conversions of our Ford Force Tractors.

The pack contains the following tractors:
– County 754: 75 hp
– County 944: 94 hp
– County 1124: 112 hp
– Doe D150: 2 x 75hp – 150hp
– Mailam 5001 Crawler – 78hp
– Roadless Ploughmaster – 75hp

The pack also contains:
– Dual Wheels trailer
– Flotation Wheels trailer
– Bailey Low Loader trailer

Authors: NI Modding, alwyn, henly20, knut, rh


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