Deutz Fahr Topliner 4080 HTS v 1.0


In Pack includes:
– Deutz Fahr Topliner 4080 HTS Combine
– Deutz Fahr Cutter
– Deutz Fahr Cutter Trailer

– Grain tank capacity: 7500 l
– Fuel capacity: 550 l
– Fruits: wheat, barley, rape, maize
– Cutter working width: 6.3 m
– Work mode / transport mode
– Switchable straw chaff / swath function
– Lighting
– PTO port on the feeder
– Elevator animated
– HA counter
– Komlpett animated / rapeseed knife cutter bar
– Particle collection system
– PTO mounted on the feeder thresher
– Dynamic attachers for cutting

Authors: LordNyax, Kanalratte, Katsuo, Manituo Fan


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