Lamborghini Grand Prix Pack


In Pack includes:
– Lamborghini Grand Prix 674 70 Tractor
– Lamborghini Grand Prix 774 80 Tractor
– Lamborghini Grand Prix 874 90 Tractor
– Lamborghini Grand Prix 75 Target Tractor
– Lamborghini Grand Prix 95 Target Tractor
– Lamborghini Formula 105 Tractor

– Enabled drive
– Full lighting
– ES Limiter
– Counter hours
– Removable fenders
– Removable consoles round
– Extra light in the cabin
– Removable front ties and beam
– Removable cock
– Panel IC
– Open the door
– Opening rear windows, side windows
– Control
– Panel help

Authors: Player 1, Modelleicher, Fiat 80-90DT, Chrüchix, Tautvis


One Response to Lamborghini Grand Prix Pack

  1. daniel says:

    Lamborghini Grand Prix Pack more realistic…please my friend.converted MR..!!!!!

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