Buildings and Objects

Silo Wall v 1.0


– Silo wall is a single segment
– Together gereit also exist in large silos no problems
– Silo wall has AO Texture

Author: MC_Michel


Garage Hall v 1.0


A nice hall / garage to store your Trucks or house a big contractor

Author: Dutch Agricultural Modelling


Halls Pack v 1.0


2 Halls, which you can use for grain storage, machinery storage or use it as a sell point

Author: Dutch Agricultural Moddeling


Wood Chips Storage v 1.0


– Capacity 85000 l
– You can empty it with a shovel
– Without log entries on standard Map
– All AO textures are in dds format for better performance

ForstMod is needed for this mod to run

Authors: Zobavnik, CebuljCek, rafftnix


Biogas Plant v 1.0 BETA


This biogas plant is fully accessible and each door can be opened. The important parts of the interior are reconstructed and can be considered at rest
The BGA has all in all, around 100000 polys and consumes about 30 MB of video RAM. It is therefore comparable to a slightly detaillierterem, a larger vehicle. In addition, one must not forget that in the interior is also 100000, which is partially hidden after 20-50 meters, because they no longer see anyway. The clip distance was adjusted so well and resource-friendly as possible for all elements of the BGA
This biogas plant has a real role model (The original is operated Mostly with manure and slurry, so it has no silos, so these do not correspond to the model).
The entire facility fully accessible.
Important elements of the system (eg, generators, transformers, …) are available.
Animated fans for engine and gas cooling.
Heat animation at the exhausts of the two generators.
Separate sound for generators and cooling fans.
Complete AO texture.
Fully multiplayer compatible (Over 20 hours with an average of about 4-5 players tested by the MW-Team)
For continuous operation it is necessary to fill the bunker once daily (after a little more than 24 hours in-game time is the bunker empty).
In the bunker, you can also tilt crap, so it can also be operated with crap.
All doors and gates can be opened and are fully animated.
Number of silos in the GE easily expandable.
Conductors are used with the teleport trigger so-called.
When manure filling the Mod “MapHoseRefStation” is already installed (to dock to a hose).
Level display during slurry filling.

Bunker capacity: 200000 l
Manure pit capacity: 800000 l
Capacity of silos: 900000 l
Number of roll-up doors: 4 (Full Animated)
Number of doors: 15 (Full Animated)

Authors: Manuel, Modding-Welt Team


Dunghill with Bales of Crop adoption v 1.1


You can with the new manure pile so to speak, your remaining stock of straw / hay bales, silage, potatoes, beets, grass, grains can be converted to manure. The bales must first be shredded before they become fertilizer
The manure can you then remove with a frontloader and take your fields

Author: acert