Oldbrook Map v 1.0


The Oldbrook Map is a large estate farm comprising of 20 buyable fields of prime farm land & 2 fields of grassland
beside the sheep zone in a landscape of rolling hills and tight, twisting roads, right on the edge of the
coast. It has medium to large fields which are already ploughed and fertilized and ready for Wheat, Barley, Maize, Rape, potatoes and Sugar Beet and there is plenty of machinery
to get you started. You own 2 fields to get you started. Fields 17 & 7 have two sections to the field so when you purchase either fields you will also own the smaller section. The water mod is included and there are plenty of sale points across the map.
There are two farm yards. The main farm yard is the home of the dairy and arable with the sheep farm
just across the road, while a large pig farm to the south on the hill, with some stunning views.
Crops can be placed directly into the grain storage area at the main farm but there is also a fast tipping
point when entering the farm for contractors with large transport
There is also a BGA plant which helps meet the energy demands of the villages. Your milk will be collected by the local Dairy
You have locations for the placeables which are marked around the map. Have a look at the pictures to see how they are positioned on the map.

Author: blobbyfarmer


Lisgoole Abbey v 1.1


Lisgoole Abbey is a medium size map with small to medium sized fields and a total number of fields of 42 which ranges from hilly ground to flat fields.
Their is two farms on this map,The main farm which is the Dairy and Arable farm, And the second farm which is the sheep farm.
You will start of with medium sized machinery and 1 Wheat field to make some money and invest into better machinery.
Cattle and Sheep can only be got on this map as i dicide not to have any chickens.
Fully Working PDA
At the general merchants you can sell all your crop types which are Wheat, Barley Corn, Rape (OSR), Sugar-beets and Potatoes.
The sheep wool and all bale types (Including Forage Straw) can be also be sold here.
Wheat, Barley, Corn and Rape (OSR) can be also sold at the Brewery.
Seed, Fertilizer and Spray Filling points can be found at the Main farm and at the General Merchants.
Fuel Fill points can be found at the Main farm, at the local Spar Shop and at the General Merchants.

Authors: Chris 7710, Prlek Modding, Sandgroper, Farmer Yip, Giants, NI Modding


Jennys Hof 09 v 3.0


Changelog V 3.0
- The farm was slightly redesigned and rearranged
- The sheep and chickens are now drawn to the yard to facilitate the work
- It was used to decant for canola, barley and wheat silo with a new hatch. The silo sunflower is still out of service. For corn, potatoes and turnips halls were built with Silobändern, again refer to the fruit.
- Silobänder incorporated into the feed storage and manure pit

Author: wolle66


Alladorf Map v 2.0


- New grass texture
- The texture of the error made ​​signs off
- Removes golf course and new field posited it
- Grounds Begraditgt edited at the dam around
- The Great Kuhstalle Higher posited that you go straight and also with large loading wagons

Author: FunnyFarmer


Sonnenberg v 2.0


- Driveway rebuilt
- Only 2 garages at the farmhouse
- Am Hof ​​edited and broadened the ways (are not as bumpy)
- Vehicle dealer is covered on spawn
- At the same horse at the barrier, the egg spawning
- The horse can beet and straw Sell
- Start New vehicles added (eg. harvesters, mowers, etc.)
- Fields planted with rape
- New buildings & shelters
- At the BGA can fill refueling, seeds, water
- Created new lanes
- Shows PDA fixed now also building on and every house

Authors: FSM-Team, SkyFall, Kai, martinbigM500, Juanathan, mailman, manni_112, Nick98.1, Manu ya, KundS Modding, Weltbauer, tantas, M&J-Modding, FrankWienberg[GER], borutcebulj, Ganelcer, NIModding


Agriculture Extreme 2013 v 1.0 B


- Liquid manure
- Pig manure mod
- Wool Palette Collector
- Map Silo Band
- Delineators
- Guidance signs / signs, all made ​​specifically for this map
- Private Brewery
- New textures
- Distance mountains
- All unloading were renewed and mistaken Growing with tarpaulin
- Unloading and storage at the old standard for fruits
- Wool Pallete Colector was incorporated and the same little lower down so you can better absorb the pallets with a fork
- Sugar beet factory was completely rebuilt and installed an additional unloading
- Added there is also an unloading point for bales and straw
- When the spinning was also some Embellished
- When Back Facktory an egg collection point is added
- Jumping fish trout lake

Author: @Funky