Onkelz Farmland v 2.0


– A courtyard with ample space for the machines, etc.
– A sugar factory
– A BGA with Silobergen
– All fruits can be sold
– Of course the dealers of agricultural machinery
– A dairy

Authors: Florian95, Nightwolf666


Hagenstedt v 2.1


Many new shelters, new feed store with silo bands for carrots and onions, two high-bay warehouse for the reapers, new silo for the new crop varieties with digital display and a Hofwaage, there is now not only cows, sheep, chickens and pigs, but also bark at yard, the car wash at the shop is still there, the BGA is at the mill with a new scale, the butcher is located at the old place by the BGA, where you can sell the pigs and cattle, where even a new country trade has been added, where you can sell cereals, root crops and vegetables or even buys grain. In the nursery you can sell carrots and onions, as well as liquid and solid manure. In some fields set up small huts where your seed and fertilizer can fill. Some fields were put together, some are already planted. Some fields are already bringing to you, so that you can begin with the good equipped starter packet equal to your farm on Vorderman. The rot is switched off. A Claas Scorpion 7040 Multi modified so you can also place your cutting works in the shelf and she gets out again.

Author: Wolle


Platinum Xaverius v 12.8


– Millet was added as a new crop for sowing, maize, flour as bought for the new mixing plant in the sheep pasture
– When can chopping of millet the new type of fruit HirseMixFutter is created to use this fruit in the mixing plant in the sheep pasture and in the BGA South
– A new link road – from box 16 to the station and a milk station in the sheep pasture for the care of the pups inserted
– The accompanying mods have been adjusted so that you can play the map without additional mods

Authors: Giants Software, Askari, Ganelcer, Eifok-Team, WayneischGeld, Fatian, Marhu, Rubiks, mir unbekannt, TMT, skydancer, Alex2009, martinbig500, DerLord, BM-Modding, Claas Raser


Rottal Map v 6.0


– Large main courtyard and five small courtyards with grain storage and pig or fattening calves
– New cultures: carrote, onions, rye, oats, spelled, sunflower
– There are waiting to start the game 38.6 hectares of arable land to be farmed
– There are about 3/4 planted
– Rotting is turned off
– Cow pasture increased
– Built pallets Collector
– Made minor improvements
– Textures fail us
– Clip Distance improved

Author: mscy


Platteland Reloaded 2K13 v 1.0 BETA


– 2 different areas (Marsch & Geest)
– 2 biogas plants (including a MT energy biogas plant)
– A dairy farm
– A pig farm
– A contracting company
– A village with agricultural machinery dealers and land trade

Author: NF Farmer


Pomorski Farmer


– Map the most in the Polish Climate
– The moving pigs
– Manure Mod v 2.0
– Water Mod
– Curious climate and terrain

Authors: Dom_0309, ProUrsus, Dżimson, Gray, Wiadro90, Marshmallow, Cuba Sm, karolowi124, pasik1236, LOLLL116