Silent Valley v 3.0 Extended


– All gates and barriers are provided with the Map Door Trigger script
– Pig manure storage area
– Angle adjustments Ground Shader changed
– At all present on the Map hydrant water can be taken
– Of seed and fertilizer needs at the country store or on the grain trade ( Farm Shop ) bought to store it in the court for the removal
– Large sprayers and fertilizer spreaders should be filled because of the space in the yard and the size of the respective silos directly at the respective sale
– Only a fill pipe for all grain crops on the farm
– Dealer has been completely revised and adapted to the dealer the Old Silent Valley
– 15 fields with sizes of about 0.6 to 2.5 ha
– Missions and horseshoe
– Installed slurry manure mod with subtle texture in the form of performencesparender haulm
– Map Hose Ref Station installed on cow manure tank , pig and BGA manure tank
– Expanded playable map size by about 80 ha
– About 43 hectares of arable land in 20 fields
– Added to station
– 2 built pig
– 2 Feed storage installed
– Observation tower with teleporters and 4 telescopic scopes
– Tunnels built
– Adapted AI traffic to the new” area

Author: Bandit


Kreis Segeberg v 2.0


– Traffic and the milk truck picks up the milk
– The Map is suitable for vintage fans and large scale farmers, has small and large fields and farms
– It you are a total of 15 villages, 126 fields
– 6 farms, Dairy Farm with cows, sheep, chickens and cattle fattening
– Cattle operation, horse, pig, sheep farm, poultry farm
– 11 Unloading : 3xBGA, Edeka market, forwarding, bakery, Seed production company, Mill, nursery, cattle dealer and a butcher for disposal

Author: boettcher1975


Winter Valley Map v 3.0 FINAL


In the mountains because now begins the winter, you can click on this map the streets of the Alpine village of snow free.
This is still on a voluntary basis. There are about every 3 days of snow.
The rest of the map consists of a fictitious hilly area where you can pursue your normal during the field work.
The fields are not all rectangular and must therefore often be prepared for the helper.
You start here already as a medium sized company with a modern fleet.
Look there for 2 farms, one of which is designed as a farm with breeding calves and lambs
The Filltrigger for the milk to the milk tank is installed the cow pasture
There are open spaces with no grass to place the equipment in addition to the pastures of the pups and some open spaces for other mods or placeable buildings ( are marked in orange )
Sold at: warehouse, freight station, Noem, BGA with manure and straw power plant acceptance in the silos and a slaughterhouse for pigs.
At the train beets and potatoes can be unloaded and then loaded into the wagons wheel loader, it then also you get twice the retail price.
The growing season for grass is extremely increased so that you have enough time to also make hay.
All workstations are equipped with enough light so that it is not a problem even at night to work.

Author: jerrico


Alidrake Map v 1.0


– A small map
– The fields are small
– Where to come real sounds
– There are chickens and sheep cows
– There BGA
– The fields are not purchased
– There is initially given technical
– There is a dirt
– Water mod
– Manure mod
– Door trigger

Author: Urmel1


The Alps Map v 1.04


New world, inspired by Alpine mountains. Find yourself in a enviroment full with new challanges. There are all the feautures of original Landwirtschafts Simulator with many newly added tasks.
Alpine world as you have never seen before in Landwirtschafts Simulator. Map will bring you the true mountain atmosphere and fill your room with mountain air.
This map is not recommended for the impatient farmers, that wouldn’t be a match for heavy circumstances you can find in The Alps.

Authors: kirezagar, ZG


LPG Thuringia Agricultural v 2.0


– The fields are small to medium, and the map is more for a single player game
– Rot is off
– Stable and pig fattening must be cleaned out and may be stored on the dunghill
– Sheep, chickens, cows need water on which their water hose (the country trade or dealer) or at the pump house (on the hill in front of pig bach)
– Water Wool Collector
– Pig Mod
– Silage silos changed
– Fixed small bugs
– Corn texture
– PDA has been fixed

Authors: Lexion_780, KundS Modding, HatzFan, martinbigM500, Katsuo, Marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, mariodieck, Typho0n, frisco0177, Pearf, lecra, SkyFall, Kai, vanillaice83, mailman, Nick98.1, KIK, Eribus