Low Poly Map v 2.0


– Polish Art
– 1 multifunctional farm (medium machine)
– Cows and chickens
– Midfielder
– Varied terrain
– New textures
– Open the door
– Supersilo on the farm
– A new silo for corn
– Working manure and slurry
– Purchase and workshop

Autor: MafiaSolec


Winter Valley v 2.0 More Realistic


In the mountains because now begins the winter, you can click on this map the streets of the Alpine village of snow free.
This is still on a voluntary basis. There are about every 3 days of snow.
The rest of the map consists of a fictitious hilly area where you can pursue your normal during the field work.
The fields are not all rectangular and must therefore often be prepared for the helper.
You start here already as a medium sized company with a modern fleet.
Look there for 2 farms, one of which is designed as a farm with breeding calves and lambs
The Filltrigger for the milk to the milk tank is installed the cow pasture
There are open spaces with no grass to place the equipment in addition to the pastures of the pups and some open spaces for other mods or placeable buildings ( are marked in orange )
Sold at: warehouse, freight station, Noem, BGA with manure and straw power plant acceptance in the silos and a slaughterhouse for pigs.
At the train beets and potatoes can be unloaded and then loaded into the wagons wheel loader, it then also you get twice the retail price.
The growing season for grass is extremely increased so that you have enough time to also make hay.
All workstations are equipped with enough light so that it is not a problem even at night to work.

Author: jerrico


Tannheimer Tal v 2.0


The valley is located in the Bundesland Tirol ( Reutte district ) in Austria
It is bordered by the Tannheimer mountains and partly from the Allgäu Alps
The map was very detailed design which include the following objects bring to expression: Electricity pylons, Trees, Tree trunks, Bushes, Rock, Bridge, Street Signs, Fences and etc…

Start Vehicles:
– 2 Deutz TTV430
– Deutz 6095 HTS
– Deutz Cutter 6095 HTS
– Weidemann4270 CX 100T
– 2 Krampe BBE 500
– Joker 6 CT
– Amazone ZAM 1501
– Amazone AD P303 Super
– 2 weights
– Header Trailer

On the map there is a trade to the country you your root crops and cereals can your hinliefern
Your also has large barn with a very detailed cow pasture
There are also numerous fields and pastures that you can manage it
You is also a medium sized BGA for disposal which has a mountain and a silage clamp

Authors: bestmods, Kolbenfresser TMT, Agii


Platinum Xtrella v 12.5


To easily identify Platinum Xtreme fans around the 12.5 version in multiplayer changed the extension to Xtremo Xtrella
The Dedicated Server is available at Continental Europe and the game name is:
Platinum Xtreme DS
The map Xtrella Platinum ( logically )
The Titanium edition with the bonus Enforcer ( Lambo )
Nothing else is required to do so

– When Watermills BGA can now also unload grass in the silos
– BGA North: chopped straw and grass
– BGA freight station: straw and chaff
– BGA Water Mills: grass and chopped
– BGA South: chopped
– The silos in the cow pasture you can only fill with chopped straw
– Game tip: you should do the following all the BGA easier to fill: BGA freight yard with straw on fill , BGA Water Mills with grass, BGA South goes anyway only with chopped and BGA North with chopped or if it has to go quickly, then grass
– With the new technology it is possible to operate the biogas plants with water, the water has to be 100% sterile
– The water should not be 100 % germ free wastewater is produced looks like manure is not toxic and you can use to fertilize the fields

Authors: Giants Software, Askari, Ganelcer, Eifok-Team, WayneischGeld, Fatian, Marhu, ubiks, mir unbekannt, TMT, skydancer, Alex2009, martinbig500, DerLord, BM-Modding, Claas Raser


WSKG Map v 1.0


– Varied terrain
– Purchase of cereals
– Storage of cereals
– Essential triggers
– Two playable Home
– Mini village
– 3D Trees

Author: IKAS


Vogelsberg 2013 v 1.0


The map provides all the features of the originals Map, from animal pastures, on transport and milk truck, to missions. It provides a home for the middle of a big farmer balanced between working farmlands, dairy farm and wage work like that. For everyone. Fields sizes are medium in size, with a small tool so you get to your destination as well as with great tools.

Authors: Landwirt96, Suppes M, Desperados93, Fendtfan1, Bluebaby210, mor2000, mailman, Fatian, FendtFarmer, Katsuo, Stefan_LS, BM-Modding