Netherlands v 1.0


– 1 BGA
– 1 Pig breeds
– 2 Country Trade
– 1 Village
– 2 Campsites

Author: Gbr Guckenberger


Swiss Alps v 1.0


On this map you can find a pasture where the cows and sheep grazing in summer. The milk must be brought on the farm and into the valley. The cows can be fed in the valley as well as on the pasture. There are 7 farms with cattle and pigs. With the purchase mod you have extensions you buy. This means shelters, BGA, etc. In case you’re in multiplayer you play have splashing around the placeable heap, which can each store on his farm crop.

Author: TuneWar


Alvingham Farm v 1.1


Alvingham Farm is a British map

– 1 Yard.
– 1 Sell point
– 1 Farm shop
– 20 fields
– Large Village
– Default vehicles when starting a new savegame
– Extended growth times, Time faster mod is needed
– Ability to connect the Zunhammer pipes to the slurry pit then to the slurry tanker
– Triggers
– Wheat, Barley and OSR to be stored in the silos
– Any other crops you may grow to be stored via tip alternative
– Manure is inside the cattle shed
– Slurry is down the side of the cattle shed
– Fertiliser, Spray and Seed next to cattle shed
– Sell all products at the farm shop, Eggs at the pub
– Cow feed is inside the cattle shed, along with the straw trigger
– Sheep feed is in front of the sheep shed
– Vehicle reset is in the farm yard
– Egg collect is in the farm house garden
– Wool collect is next to the fuel tank, sell it around the side of the farm shop
– Water is at the village lake, Next to the camp site
– Tip Alternative
– Zunhammer Slurry Tank
– Slurry Tank script
– Time Faster
– Full silage pit
– Animals fed
– Animals bedded
– Stack of 22 round hay bales in the sheep field
– Stack of 126 round straw bales in the yard
– All arable fields drilled, Not fertilised
– Plenty of cash
– Fixed water plane as was causing the game to crash on the loading screen for low spec pc’s
– Removed the light out of the street lights as was causing too much lag at night
– Bigger harvester along with header trailer added to default vehicles

Authors: Chris_7710, NI Modding, Petorious, Sotillo, Sandgroper, World Builder


Windpark Map v 1.0


– Yard with 2 silos
– Cows and chickens but unfortunately no sheep but a pig breeds for mast

Author: germanair


VEG Sternberg Map v 2.0


New in v 2.0 version:
– Inserted on request traffic
– Growth times set down
– At the station places the wagons properly

Author: Bummi


Valle de Ergahaath v 1.0


This is an original Map size with lands in various sizes and shapes, and some pretty interesting slopes.

– Crops: original + sunflower, green wheat, soy and oats.
– Animals: cows, sheep, chickens and pigs.
– Lands: 25 + 2 pasture
– Scripts: Door Trigger, WaterMod, WoolPaletteCollector, MapSiloBand.
– Cow dung can bring shovel from the interior of the ship and load it into a ditch, or download directly from a band.
– The workshop Damage Mod already placed, when you start the game without placement is necessary.

Authors: Pisty (BBM), Juanathan (BBM)