ZD Brodek Multifruit v 1.0


Beyond the basic crops card contains too oatmeal rye sunflower tomatoes and cucumbers. For cereals, oats and rye straw, which can be used both on packaging or may directly carry pigs. In the map are all animals. Furthermore, the card can mod there is water and the production of pigs. The agricultural sheds are inserted the card for storage of raw materials such as straw, grass silage, etc. directly mod the projection AlternativeTipping recorded anywhere contains all crops card.
Decay is off the map.
The card is added several machines and equipment necessary to the package, the card is supplied to run.

Autor: Tonda CZ


2 Responses to ZD Brodek Multifruit v 1.0

  1. Tonda CZ says:

    How is it that there’s another link to download when I wrote that the mod should not give to another site without my permission, and certainly not another download link!!
    I clearly wrote prohibition of giving to other sites without my consent, and certainly not another download link
    Here’s a link to the original download.http://ul.to/jxv7og00

  2. admin says:

    Link reupload!

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