Wild Brook Valley v 2.2

wildbach-tal--5.jpg3 wildbach-tal--5.jpg2 wildbach-tal--5.jpg1

In version 2.2 you can expect next to the BGA also includes 2 new fields with 0.5 and 0.78 ha. on the plateau above the bridge and full UV errors. Removed the still very power hungry light sources and corrected several small errors. In addition, some items have been adjusted for your size. in the low polygon version for weak computers also further reductions were made in order to players with slower machines to allow the use of Map

Authors: Deutz1997, Fatian, Dennis Busch, Modelleicher, Maxter, Desperados93, FendtFarmer, pAre, IMarvin, Mr F, Giants, MR-Klausen, thejohnderre7930, ka88, Buschi, Tessmann85, TyphoOn


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