Wendland an Idyll v 1.0

Wendland-an-Idyll-v-1.0-1 Wendland-an-Idyll-v-1.0-2 Wendland-an-Idyll-v-1.0-3

– Dealer
– Country trade
– Yard for medium sized machines
– BGA with two silos and a large Wall silo
– Fields sale
– Multi Terrain
– Traffic lights
– Traffic
– 2 villages
– Cows, sheep, chickens
– Stall can muck
– Pasture gates and sheds with the Map Door Trigger
– Harvest storage (except corn)
– Mixed fields (fields and meadows)
– 130 MB large
– Performance saving
– Without rot

Authors: Deere 6800, NKB-Modding, X__MEYER__X, mariodieck, Sicka, Fatian, Fruktor, MorphX, Dziuniek, Giants, fruktor, sicka, Katsou, Luculus, Frankengamer, Daniel007, martinbigM500, freak36558, SEJ Team, Bluebaby210, xXMalleXx, Baue3rR, kingkalle, Vanilleeis, Sepple, Eribus, ZeFir POLAND, Sudden


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