Triple Farming Map v 1.0

Triple-Farming-Map-v-1.0-1 Triple-Farming-Map-v-1.0-2 Triple-Farming-Map-v-1.0-3

On the map there are five productions:
– Bakery: wheat, barley, sunflowers and water brings back one, rolls do you get the sale
– Canning: water, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots brings you down, you get canned vegetables
– Concrete Factory: sand, gravel and water brings you out concrete slabs are brought to the site
– Apple orchard: crap, water and manure carry you sell apples on the various outlets
– Brewery: barley, hops (available from Lanhandel) hinbringen and water to get beer

Authors: Farmerahner, Ganelcer, SLJ-AGRAR, Kolbenfresser, Desperados93, TMT-Team, Marhu, Alex2009, marjas31, Blacky_BPG, Marhu, Bluebaby210


2 Responses to Triple Farming Map v 1.0

  1. ian talmey says:

    love the map but i dont understand your signs please can you help me out with this problem
    im english
    again thanks for a great map but i do need help understanding the writing on the signs and pda etc

  2. Jean-Mich says:

    It is a very good map. I would like to know where are the different fertilizer in the main farm because I can find them.

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