Steyr CVT 6195


– New sounds, wheels, textures, revised physics
– The center of mass changed, now it should be much harder to overturn

Authors: BJR-Modding, Modding-Society, M-ls, Stijnofiets


5 Responses to Steyr CVT 6195

  1. Blackcinamon says:

    Hey, great work! You combined the CVX 175 and the Steyr 4095. But you have to change the front lights, it looks ab bit ugly.. If you need pictures of a steyr 6195,just contact me 🙂

    • SteyrPower says:

      Thanks to the Uploader!!! ÄŒebuljÄŒek modding does stop with modding and make only private mods. A realy big thanks to you.

  2. gamer2000 says:

    i cant download it because when i enter the website of file upload,I cant find the download button.Its a piuty because i love steyr tractors.

  3. gamer2000 says:

    thank you very much!!

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