Steiger Pack


In Pack includes:
– Steiger Panther IV KM-360 Tractor
– Steiger Panther III PTA 325 Tractor
– Steiger Panther III ST 350 Tractor
– Steiger Cougar III PTA 280 Tractor
– Steiger Tiger III ST 450 Triples Tractor
– Steiger 40 foot with Fertilizer Cultivator
– Steiger 75 foot Cultivator

Authors: balogh2003, Fred50, Vex90, Greasersnoopy, Manuel Leithner, Robert, Hostens, Webby, Giants, modelleicher, ls-for-ever, Treckerjack, Knagsted, @poc@lypse, TheFlown, cObr4, Scania-Fan82


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