Small Beauty Village v 1.1 Forest Edition

Small-Beauty-Village-v-1.1-Forest-Edition-1 Small-Beauty-Village-v-1.1-Forest-Edition-2 Small-Beauty-Village-v-1.1-Forest-Edition-3

– About 40 fields and meadows
– Original atmosphere
– The fields are small. They have different shapes. Not only square. Fields you need to buy.
– Start machines
– Land Commercial, Farm, Machine Shop
– 2 villages
– Pigs, chickens, cows, sheep
– Custom Info trigger
– Water Mod
– Libra
– Map DoorTrigger
– Liquid manure mod
– The choice of manure from the stable
– Alternative Tipping
– Car traffic
– 2 types of grass
– Different types of roads Field
– River, a small forest
– PDA map image. PDA fix.
– No Colision Camera Mod, Player Camera Mod

Author: RraptorR


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