Road Signs Pack v 3.0

Road-Signs-Pack-v-3.0-1 Road-Signs-Pack-v-3.0-2 Road-Signs-Pack-v-3.0-3 Road-Signs-Pack-v-3.0-4 Road-Signs-Pack-v-3.0-5

Here is Road Signs Pack that from 314 danger signs, directional signs, regulatory signs, traffic facilities and additional characters consists of the German Road Traffic Regulations.

In Pack includes:
– 37 danger signs
– 74 regulatory signs
– 43 directional signs
– 11 transport facilities
– 111 additional characters
– 38 signs to label themselves (to be found in the folder “own”)

– New models
– New textures
– Other signs added
– label directions for itself

Author: Nick98.1


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