Rhön Map v 3.2


Rhön Map with Manure and slurry Mod

This is the Rhön Map with hilly landscapes and large Hoefen. Es is a modded standard card according to my ideas. The cow and sheep pastures are placed at the yard. Pig is possible on both courtyards, cattle above the beer garden. All silos and unloading points. For the standard fruits are in halls untergebracht. Es are several abbreviations to quickly to come.
Unloading are mill, brewery, garden center, railway station, Berghof, beer garden, country store, sugar factory, Gaststaette and BGA. All animals should be supplied with water, then the production is higher. The Wollpalletten collected on runways around you are not constantly being forced to leave.
As usual, almost all the fields already switched to this card free and for the most part with fruit versehen. Also you can immediately go to the full and enjoy the country life.
The launch vehicles are selected so that you can get started right away. There are two BGA Spinning for your wool is placed in the village next to the farm. Pigs and cattle can be sold at the country store and restaurant.
Pigs and cattle have also just like the other animals with various types of food, water and straw supplied, so new animals are produced. These can then sell.
At the beginning of the breeding you should buy a few animals in the shop , which are then fed to produce.

Author: Rhönbauer


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