Platinum Xaverius v 12.8


– Millet was added as a new crop for sowing, maize, flour as bought for the new mixing plant in the sheep pasture
– When can chopping of millet the new type of fruit HirseMixFutter is created to use this fruit in the mixing plant in the sheep pasture and in the BGA South
– A new link road – from box 16 to the station and a milk station in the sheep pasture for the care of the pups inserted
– The accompanying mods have been adjusted so that you can play the map without additional mods

Authors: Giants Software, Askari, Ganelcer, Eifok-Team, WayneischGeld, Fatian, Marhu, Rubiks, mir unbekannt, TMT, skydancer, Alex2009, martinbig500, DerLord, BM-Modding, Claas Raser


One Response to Platinum Xaverius v 12.8

  1. Robby says:

    The pigs are not accepting the straw or grain for some reason.

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