Randon Linha Carreta Trailer


This carriage is recommended for transporting bags

Authors: Jhonatan Felipe, Dimas Hupalo


WTC MTS 1682 Pack

WTC-MTS-1682-Pack-2 WTC-MTS-1682-Pack-1

2 WTC MTS 1682 Trailers: red and blue

Author: MustangLS


Case 9120 Axial Flow Multifruit Pack v 1.2


In Pack includes:
– Case 9120 Axial Flow Combine
– Case 9120 Axial Flow + Tidue 23T24 Combine
– Case Varifeed 10.7 m Cutter
– Case Varifeed 6.7 m Cutter
– Case Corn Cutter
– Case Cutter Trailer

Authors: Elli, LUNitro


North Brabant v 2.5

North-Brabant-v-2.5-1 North-Brabant-v-2.5-2 North-Brabant-v-2.5-3

New in 2.5 version:
– Added Soil Mod – Soil Management & Growth Control
– Added Chopped Straw with Soil Mod Plugin
– Placed Fertilizer and Herbicide tanks at the grain storage

Author: Mike


Newbie Farm v 6.0 Multifruits FINAL

Newbie-Farm-v-6.0-Multifruits-FINAL-1 Newbie-Farm-v-6.0-Multifruits-FINAL-2 Newbie-Farm-v-6.0-Multifruits-FINAL-3

– RealisticStartSettings.xml added for those who use the more realistic mod
– Field prices lowered by half the original value
– Changed field sizes from acres to hectares
– Removed many hedges from around roads and fields
– New textures for grass, corn and soybean
– To increase game difficulty, you now start off with no fields
– Starting equipement changed and many things removed to increase game difficulty
– Modified some terrain to help fill in area’s that had lots of tree’s
– Removed over 200 of the default tree’s which in turn should reduce the hit on system requirements for the map to load
– Replaced some hedging with fencing
– Replaced road barriers near Bakery with fencing (these 2 sections of fencing do have collision detectors)
– Silo near large garage moved over to make use of the pass which was ugly
– Lowered yield for all crops to make game harder
– Added road to rear of farm
– Removed some dirt roads and painted tree’s there to break up the fields more
– Reduced the size of the shovel trigger for the chickens because people was getting stuck on it
– Built up fields 11 and 12 so that they are banked fields
– Moved grain ramp in farm to rear enterance of farm for course play reasons
– Increased the size of field 14, price and hectres updated
– Changed the way the dirt road went around field 14
– Implemented soil mod for added realism
– Purchasable grass, straw, silage and manure added at garden centre
– Loading ramps added at garden centre and near Manure storage shed at farm
– Forest mod implemented
– All default tree’s replaced with tree’s from forest mod
– Mountain chipped away to make room for forestry mod buildings
– Removed all forest mod tree’s from around the main roads
– Removed sheds down by manure storage shed and moved all starting equipment to large shed in farm
– Forestry mod buildings added to vehicles file
– Mixing station and chicken coop added to vehicles file
– Storage for both logs and wood chip buildings from forestry mod added to vehicles file
– Added straw mod
– PDA updated
– Map start screen discription fixed
– Fixed cow manure pile trigger
– Fixed missing Soybean and Rye distance diffuse files
– Fixed pig prices for more realistic script because prices was very low
– Fixed yields for all crops (lower yields means having to buy and work more fields)
– Fixed manure and straw prices (was far to high)
– Grass can now be sold at the BGA
– Tree entries in defaultVehicles.xml

Authors: Giants, LS-UK, Katsuo, Xentro, BG IVAN, WBF-contracting1, NI Modding, Farmi, modelleicher, TwistedGA, nlinetec, tim, sandgroper, MultiMikie123, Marhu, GhillieSniper, Prlek Modding, Tessmann85, Neurotek, Decker and other


Nickersons Farm Arable Edition

Nickersons-Farm-Arable-Edition-1 Nickersons-Farm-Arable-Edition-2 Nickersons-Farm-Arable-Edition-3

– Arable farming
– 2 Yards
– 10 arable fields
– Sell point
– Farm dealership
– Traffic
– Pedestrians
– Stables
– Default vehicles
– Auto opening gates
– Extended growth times, Time faster mod is needed
– Large Village with a pub, kids play area, spar shop, village shop, fuel station and bus stop
– Manual opening farm shed doors
– Wheat, barley and OSR to be stored in the grain sheds at the arable yard out of the village, corn to be stored with tip alt
– Potato and sugarbeet to be stored by tip alternative
– Fertiliser, Spray and Seed triggers are at the yard out of the village
– Vehicles reset to one of the farm yards
– Buy equipment from CTS Agricultural Machinery
– Fuel is located at the yard out of the village and at the village fuel station
– Sell equipment inside the workshop located through the first gate of CTS Agricultural Machinery
– Sell bales at woodlands view stables, drive straight through into the horse field for them to sell
– Sell all grain at MGN Grain Merchants
– Sell all root crops at British Root LTD
– Loading grain from the farm store can be done with a loader and bucket or the silos in the yard

Author: Chris_7710