Osterrade v 1.0


– Plants: wheat, barley, canola, corn, grass, sugar beet, potatoes, green rye
– 1 Lohnbetrieb with small biogas plant
– 1 Store
– 1 Country Trade
– 1 yard
– 1 large biogas plant
– 2 villages
– Pig (the pig would have to be placed, mod is untern linked)

Authors: Fatian, Nick98.1, Stas_98, Willi103, Manuel, Rubiks, Agi, FraengersxD, Steasenberger, Lanz Buldog, Maxter, VertexDezign, Lexion780TT, TheStrohhutHD, Deere6800, 818vario, TheStivala, Steffen30muc, KundS Modding, 720Power HD, Eribus, fendt9305x, Toxic1708, Daniel007, Freakyman, mailman, Fendtfan1, Taker, Macowholic, iWarvin, Börndi, Desperados93, Sk09, MikeLSGC, KleinNils, Dennis1990, Silas, Hucki2000, MrMrtraktor5, CasePuma155, Nils, Fendt822Favorit, Bärenstark, Horst1800, Sk09, Ls-Apfel, agrotron1998, Eifok


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