Orchard Farm 2013 v 1.0

Orchard-Farm-2013-v-1.0-1 Orchard-Farm-2013-v-1.0-2 Orchard-Farm-2013-v-1.0-3

– One small contractors yard with a couple of sheds and a diesel tank
– Then the main farm where you start off, with all crop storage sheds, silage pits, seed, fertilizer and diesel is
– Then off to the cow farm where there is a silage pit, dung, slurry and where you feed your cows and sheep
bed your cows in the cow shed to the right hand side
– Then off to the merchants where you can get seed and fertiliser, sell your grain and your spuds and sugarbeet in the same place
– The BGA is also there, so if you have to much silage in your pit you can cart it there and sell it and get a good bit of money for it
– Then off to the brewry in the village in behind the pub you can also sell your crops there too
– You can get diesel at the petrol pumps at the village
– No traffic
– Milk auto sells at mid night
– Crops dont weither
– You own all fields
– Chickens are in the village in the carpark so get the eggs there and sell them at the farm shop
– Sell wool at the merchants in the 1st shed to the left between the yellow lines
– All the help triggers are at the farm shop
– You have starting vehicles so you can start off harvesting fields to get money

Authors: Taz 5, NI Modding, Giants, Fatian, LwFarming, ZEFIR, SteveC, Sandgroper, Neurotek


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