New Fields Country v 1.0

New-Fields-Country-v-1.0-1 New-Fields-Country-v-1.0-2 New-Fields-Country-v-1.0-3

– A map completely rebuilt
– A biogas plant
– Pig
– A equipment yard with many storage facilities
– An animal farm with feed storage, Ball Hall, silage silos and various storage facilities
– All gates and barriers are provided with the Map Door Trigger script
– 44 fields of which only 41 purchasable
– Small, medium and large fields
– Hilly, flat detailed landscape
– Milk Truck and transport
– Seed and fertilizer must be purchased at the general store to store it in the court for the removal
– 4 outlets + sugar beet factory
– Little old Dor and a development area
– Wither is Off
– Fruits: wheat, barley, maize, oilseed rape, potatoes and sugarbeet
– Animals: Cows, sheep, pigs
– Built up Tools
– Wool industry
– Water Mod Map v 3.0
– BGA balance with function

Authors: Marhu, Katsuo, Fatian, Mario, PaPa, MapMan, Vanilleeis, Giants, El_Cid Texturen


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