Neufeld Erland v 1.0 without wither


– Wither balance to the BGA
– Slurry and manure mod with other textures
– New pig farm
– 1 of 2 existing land act New
– Rebuilt main courtyard
– Complete New biogas plant
– A few new Gebäute
– Other trees (because of Laggens)
– A little dirt roads rebuilt
– Pedestrian
– Man can now sprinkle in the central courtyard and feeding
– New textures (corn, grass, oilseed rape, sugar beet)
– Adapted PDA
– Feed mixing station
– Distans mountains

Their farm consists of:
– 3 medium size tractors
– Litter Cart
– Futtermischwagen
– 2 Crown trailer
– 1 Deutz Drescher
– Mowers
– Cultivator
– Drille
– Seeder
– Plow
– Mistreuer
– Fertilizer spreader
– 100 cows

Authors: Willi103, BlueSkye, Flinti, Begabur, The828Power, OsterProper, JohnDeereLTR180, Mirko


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