Neufeld A Landscape Somewhere in Germany v 1.1


– Planting of wheat, barley, canola, corn, grass, sugar beet, potatoes
– Animals: cows, chickens, sheep
– Traffic, pedestrians, milk truck
– Biogas plant
– Fields purchase
– Vehicles can be reset
– Big Country Trade
– Pig of Marhu on demHof
– Feeding (wheat, barley, corn, potatoes, beets, grass, silage, hay, straw)
– Manure and manure production
– Sales in the land trade of pigs with the following trailer
– Trigger on sale dealers (20% more on machines)
– Eggs for sale at the Edeka market in the village
– Wool sale at the spinning (opposite BGA)
– Map Hose RefStation at all slurry tanks

Authors: 6920power, Vanilleeis, GIANTS, Burn_out, Vertexdezign, B34STx, bahoo222, Fatian, Manuel, xXMalleXx, madabub, ehem, Eifok, mailman, Stonebracker, Deere6800, Fruktor, John Deere 6930, marhu, Sepple


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