MVP 4 Map v 1.0


Welcome to Mecklenburg Western Pomerania, where the landscape is dominated by large areas and shimmering lakes. On this map, they take over the affairs of the local agricultural cooperative. They coordinate the extensive fleet of modern agricultural technology, because of the wide fields and meadows is big-hitting technology demand. Benefits they obtain it successfully to their crops and they then profit by selling at the three outlets. The map was built already LS09 times by Maurer Matze and under the name MVP3 released.

On the Map you will find:
– Medium to large fields
– A Technikhof – here you can insinuate your machine
– An animal production – here you can feed her your sheep and cows
– Three points of sale: Harbor, cereal AG, brewery
– A pig serves as a selling point for corn and beets
– Long drive way
– Six villages
– Many small lakes
– Adjusted PDA
– The Eifok manure trigger (Zunhammer Pack)
– Rotting off

Authors: Vanilleeis, pfreek, T-Fight, Luxfarm, lexion_780, tommy, larsseine, Fatian


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