More Realistic Small Farm Implement Pack


This pack contains various small implements ideal for small farms. All implements in the pack that have a 3 point hitch attachment also have an alternative implement that uses a trailer low hitch for tractors that don’t have a 3 point hitch. This pack does not have implements for root crop farming or foraging, only standard grain crops. The following descriptions are also listed in the store for in-game reference.

This pack requires the More Realistic Mod and Patch 2.0 to function

– Converted to More Realistic mod
– Removed Model A John Deere tractor from pack.
– Removed Seed Refill trailer.
– Removed Washable Script.
– Added Sowing Machine Refill to Kory Gravity Wagon.
– Added Refillable to Paiute fertilizer refill trailer.
– Added Trailed 3 bottom plow.
– Added Belt Rake Windrower.
– Added Trailed Fertilizer Spreader.
– Added Trailed Fertilizer Sprayer.
– Added Fertilizer Sprayer 3 point hitch.
– Added Extra Fertilizer Tank for each sprayer type.
– Added 3 point hitch 2 bottom plow.
– Added 3 tine and 7 tine cultivators 3 point hitch.
– Added Steaming manure to manure spreader.

Authors: Freelance Modding Crew


2 Responses to More Realistic Small Farm Implement Pack

  1. gaatze says:

    this mod its not working 🙁

    hy say There is no More place , but i have nothing ,

    what is the problem wo can help me ,

    het werkt niet hij zegt dat er geen plaats meer is ,
    terwijl ik niks heb gekocht en er genoeg ruimte is wie kan mij helpen hoe dat kan

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