Moonshine Map with Industry v 1.2.0

Moonshine-Map-with-Industry-v-1.2.0-1 Moonshine-Map-with-Industry-v-1.2.0-2 Moonshine-Map-with-Industry-v-1.2.0-3

– Manure / dung / kalk mod added
– Modified road
– Horse Breeding added
– Slaughterhouse for pigs added
– Net Market added
– Traffic fix
– Gravel pit for sand added
– Cars for rent (Rent Lion) added
– Larger fields for only 15
– Agricultural flyer (latest version) added

Authors: Hewaaa, Katsuo, Nubsi, Marhu, Fatian, FSM Chefkoch, Bluebaby210, Desperados93, Nick98, Giants, Sven777b, MX11


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