MMXIV II Deep Forest v 1.0

MMXIV-II-Deep-Forest-v-1.0-3 MMXIV-II-Deep-Forest-v-1.0-2 MMXIV-II-Deep-Forest-v-1.0-1

– Fish buys grain and corn, produces fish
– Sites buy
– Requires bridge construction site sand
– Billinger at the station buys almost everything
– Hoftank stations must be filled, buy diesel at the fuel depot with standard tank trailer
– Tank Farm sells diesel
– Quarry sold kalk and sand on the bunker or for dredging
– Market Hall buys potatoes, turnips, wool and fish
– Kalk silos must be filled, kalk in the pit left
– Marked mähbare meadows in the PDA
– Field size of 1.11 ha to 18.36 ha
– Fruits : standard, potatoes, sugarbeets, sunflowers, onions, carrots, oats
– Additional : milk, beef, pork, horse, Fuel ( diesel ), fish, sand
– Cowshed
– Pigsty
– Stable
– Tank Farm
– Market Hall
– Billinger
– Railway kalk without barriers
– Air traffic including airfield
– BGA ball with Shredder
– Pit with sand and kalk for dredging or sand silo
– Liquid manure, dung, Kalk mod installed

Authors: balogh2003, motek, fatian, Acert, LS-Landtechnik, Marhu


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