MIG Map Made In Germany Celle Region v 0.88 BETA

MIG-Map-Made-In-Germany-Celle-Region-v-0.88-BETA-1 MIG-Map-Made-In-Germany-Celle-Region-v-0.88-BETA-2 MIG-Map-Made-In-Germany-Celle-Region-v-0.88-BETA-3

Changelog v 0.88 BETA:
– Hof 1 cowshed against free playpen exchanged ( transitional )
– Hof 1 pigsty built ( now 4 schools on the map )
– Hof 2 Buyable, shelter for machinery and sheep Standard
– Hof 3 Buyable, shelter for machines and chickens Standard
– Hof 4 Buyable, recreated in the northwestern village with Saathalle and cattle fattening
– Hof 5 Buyable, extended with Saathalle and pig
– Built weed growth 5 days per stage
– Weed Diestel new texture
– Purchasable objects such as BGA, yards (is still expanding, ertsmal provisional)
– Ball Hall built autostack with crane for Arcusin ( gimmick, handling not as exhilarating )
– Multifarmsilo installed. Now Hof 4 and 5 have their own silo storage for grain
– Pig V2 fitted with animated pigs
– Conveyor V2 installed at feed stores and stables
– All fields revised for straight edges, no more green spots on the field
– Fixed feed mixing plant lua
– More 3D trees and detail objects
– Asked street texture of bright
– Revised roadside terrain
– Roadside revised Grass Planting
– Completely new fruit textures up on hemp and clover
– PDA image Hof1 hanging revised and rewritten in the house
– Replaced almost all dummy houses and villages expanded
– Fixed more problems with speed on roads
– Waterworks tank model removed and enlarged trigger
– Revised tree LOD
– Mud hole small field 1
– Balance the time being disabled
– New Multifrut HUD textures
– Slurry manure lime Mod V2
– Adjusted feed mixing plant capacity
– Mixing station texture look old
– Adapted textures of houses and farms
– Fixed l10n error machines, mixing station
– Current station built for Zuhammer Contest
– Wind has been disabled for Layer trees, shrubs
– Growth times 5 days per stage , clover and alfalfa 2 days
– Green manure clover and alfalfa installed and award greatly reduced , grown in 3 days
– Swath sight set to 375 meters because somehow no xxxdistance.png works on 4 Trade Map
– Kalktrigger located on the bank at the house Hof 1 (provisional)

Authors: Bullgore, KretersIsland, Pille, Illuminated, Tessmann85 FSM, Flymaster


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