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    Whether the size of the feeding ore big or small means what separating degree of the ore monomer,which means the separation degree between magnetic mineral grains and gangue particles. If the feeding ore is small,the separation degree of the ore monomer is high, which means a satisfactory choosing index;

    If the feeding ore is coarse. That the mineral is not fully disintegrated leads a lower separating degree. On the contrary most magnetic particles and gangue particles are still together. Due to the magnetic of the coenobium the magnetic separator can only separate parts of the ore,which leads concentrate grade lower.

    Therefore, the feeding ore must be fully achieved monomer separation. As with the coarse ore, it is not necessarily to reach granularity separation as long as the mineral and the gangue has reached monomer separation.

    Therefore, pulp density should adjust properly according to the need. In magnetic separators it is commonly adjust the density by adding aproll to the feeding ore, but the overflow concentration must complete according to requirements the magnetic separation. Gold Magnetic separation The biggest pulp density is no more than 35%, and it is generally controlled at 30%.we should ascertain according to actual situation.
    There are two factors of influencing the magnetic effect of the magnetic separator. they are as following:

    1. Density of pulp is another main factor of influencing separation effect,It mainly refers to overflow concentration of the shunt machine.

    A high pulp density will cause a excessive high sorting concentration, which will seriously affect the quality of concentrate. Because concentrate particles are easily covered by particles of the gangue and it is a little difficult to depart at this time,which will lower the grade.

    A low pulp density means a low concentration,which will cause a high flow velocity.Some tiny magnetic particle that should be separated fall into tailings the grade of which increased,which causes loss.

    2. The main factor of affecting the magnetic effect is the size of the mine put in the magnetic separator .

    The applicable scope of magnetic separator is to remove iron in non-magnetic materials on belt conveyor, vibrating feeder and blanking you can see the role of the magnetic separator will become more and more important. I think we should konw something about the factors will impact magnetic effect of magnetic separator.

    Magnets with stainless steel bolts into magnetic yoke on of the floor, the axial magnetic yoke out the axial end fixed tube, a turn arm. Right arm can adjust the magnetic pull the deflection Angle adjustment right, is can be fixed with bars. The working area of tub is made by stainless steel, frame and other parts of the tub are welded of ordinary steel.

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