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    One of the harder decisions a buyer has to make when purchasing an electric cement mixer is which type of mixer is right for the job that they are doing. If it is a small job, such as a small brick trail diesel concrete mixer, then the electric wheeled mixers may be best. These come in several different sizes and usually have wheels that act similar to a wheel barrow. The user tilts it up, and then rolls the mixer to where it is needed. These small mixers are not heavy and should be easy to transport. When purchasing one, consider the size of the user and the size of the mixer. If the user cannot move it easily, then another type of electric cement mixer needs to be considered.

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    There are mixers that sit on four wheels without the need to tilt it up to move it. These are easier to roll for longer jobs or for people who cannot take the weight. When choosing a mixer, it is important to think about the person using it. This type of mixer tends to be a bit larger than the wheelbarrow type of mixer. It is more cumbersome, but it does tend to be easier to move.

    There are also power mixers that roll on their own. The same motor that drives the churning motion of the mixer allows the mixer to move. These types of mixer come in two types: console and remote control. These are generally the most expensive mixers, but they are also the easiest to move. These are generally used for bigger jobs, such as full driveways and patios.

    When selecting an electric concrete mixer, it needs to match the job that is being done. Too big or too powerful usually means too expensive for a small job. Not big enough tends to mean extra work for the person using it. Take a look at the job, the amount of work to be done, and keep both in mind when selecting an electric concrete mixer. People sometimes plan to purchase a mixer for more than one use. These uses can only make the portable electric cement mixer more beneficial.

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