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    I need help making a map, there should be a Norwegian map when I come from eastern Norway. There will be a small map, from my family farm and neighboring farms.
    Two barns must be made from the start, since those are important to the map. the rest can use the standard house.
    There will be cows and sheep on the map.

    Photos and information the comes later if someone wants to create the map.
    Who can make this map?
    it will make this map must have made ​​at least one map that I can look at

    Why make this map? There will be a cash prize!

    author of this map will own it. My condition would be that I Determine the name of the map.

    Whoever is elected and make this map will get my full name, address, phone, and mail.

    Sorry the bad english. : p

    Friendly greeting Kim.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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