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Shaquille O’Neal closed down Friday’s Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony. In between his thank yous there were, of course, jokes and biting comments wrapped in humor.And, of course, Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson got their turn in the wringer.When Shaq reached the part of his speech about Russell Westbrook Jerseys his fellow Lakers superstar, he thanked Bryant for having pushed him to win three rings in LA … “and then helped me get pushed off the team and traded to Miami.”Yeah, that wound Warriors Team Store hasn’t quite healed.Shaq also claimed he once got a contact high in the Lakers’ locker room when Jackson was the coach. O’Neal said Jackson would have players meditate while the aroma of sage Kevin Durant Jerseys filled the room. Shaq figured “sage” meant something else.”I don’t know what sage is, but I know what it smells like,” he said. He then used folded a sheet of paper to simulate James Harden Jerseys smoking a joint. “I’ve never been high before, but if this is high, I think I was it.”O’Neal said he spoke to Jackson about it. The coach’s reply: “‘It’s not. It’s the cousin Stephen Curry Shoes of cannabis.'”‘OK, Phil, whatever that means,'” Shaq replied.All these years later, Shaq — who isn’t one to let a business opportunity go to waste — announced he and the Zen Master were lanching a joint venture: “So, starting today, Phil and I will be opening medicinal sage Klay Thompson Jerseys dispensaries across the U.S.,” he said before breaking into a laugh and a huge grin.Someone finally thought to ask the obvious question about Colin Kaepernick and other football players using the games as protest platforms: why only football? Isn’t there another major American sport going on right now where players can follow his lead?The Orioles’ Golden State Warriors Jerseys Adam Jones answered it, pretty bluntly. The next question, though, is not only not far from being asked, but everybody should know the answer.Count on it — the NBA season is coming, and Carmelo Anthony Jerseys those players are not going to be quiet.Think the NFL players are conflicted about whether to speak up, how to speak up, if they get to act individually or make some kind of Cavalier Steam Shop compromise (hello, Seahawks and Chiefs)? Think the response among baseball players is nonexistent because, as Jones said, it’s “a white man’s sport’’? Believe this: we are weeks away from the volume going way Lebron James Jerseys up.The NBA is a black sport. Plenty of people in this country find that repellant. Plenty of others are drawn to it because of it. But pretending it’s anything but that, numerically, culturally Custom NCAA Jerseys and socially, is foolish. (If you do somehow believe that, here’s Allen Iverson’s Hall of Fame induction speech. Check out Yao Ming’s, too.)NBA players don’t live and work in an environment where large Canada Goose Sale numbers of their peers can’t relate to them and their experiences. There are far more coaches and executives and other authority figures who can relate, in fact.Thus, they are far less likely to Cheap NBA Jerseys be told, “Yes, the issues you face in this society as a black person are important, but …”No “buts” when those topics circulate in this sport. Kevin Durant’s Rick James thigh tattoo Kyrie Irving Jerseys is getting a lot of attention, including that of the late funk star’s son. Taz James said Tuesday that Durant should have asked him for permission before getting the tattoo. “Durant, I appreciate Lebron James Jerseys you showing my pops love and everything, but we’re going to have to talk about that,” James told TMZ. “Because I’m the new Rick James — so you’ve got to get permission, big Cleveland Cavaliers Jerseys boy.”In addition to being the son of a musical legend, James is also friends with Lil B, the same rapper who “cursed” Durant while he was a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Lebron James Shose Taz joked about talking to the rapper about Durant, but said it’s all in fun. “I don’t find it disrespectful,” James said. “As long as you’ve got my father on you, I respect Moncler Jackets you.”Well that’s great news for the Warriors, because the last thing they need is their new star playing being re-cursed by “The Based God” as they try to make a run at another Joel Embiid Jerseys title. With all of the buzz surrounding Russell Westbrook, Cleveland’s Big Three and all the talent the Warriors possess, Pelicans star Anthony Davis has flown under the radar.Davis is more visible after Kevin Durant Jerseys Thursday, when he led the Pelicans to a 102-95 win over the Pacers. The All-Star power forward scored 35 points, hauled in 16 rebounds and blocked five shots in another tremendous performance.Davis became Ben Simmons Jerseys the first player with at least 35 points, 15 rebounds and five blocks in a game since Dwight Howard in the 2010-11 season. It was also his ninth 25-point, 15-rebound game of the NBA Jerseys season (no other player has accomplished that feat more than five times).Through no fault of his own, the Pelicans have stumbled to a 9-18 record. Maybe Thursday night’s win can be a turning Kristaps Porzingis Jerseys point.Damian Lillard torched the Nuggets for 40 points and 10 assists, but it wasn’t enough. Despite the colossal stat line, Portland lost 132-120 in Denver. This was Lillard’s third game of 40 or Derrick Rose Jerseys more points this season.Suns small forward P.J. Tucker scored just five points with one rebound and zero assists in his team’s 107-92 home loss to the Spurs. If anything, Tucker proved Kawhi Leonard Canada Goose Outlet is indeed the best defender in the game. Bucks power forward Jabari Parker drives through the lane and throws down a monstrous dunk:SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Shaquille O’Neal had, in the early part Custom NBA Jerseys of his career, made his reputation on his ability to dominate his opponent and, when possible, get into his head a little bit.O’Neal had done that with Chinese center Yao Ming, too, as Stephen Curry Jerseys Yao was being hailed as O’Neal’s eventual replacement as the NBA’s top big man. At least, O’Neal said, until he got a call from his father. Speaking just ahead of his induction into Kevin Durant Shoes the Basketball Hall of Fame here, O’Neal recalled that his father told him, “You need to show Yao a little more respect.”O’Neal was puzzled. He argued back with his father. Why, he demanded Kyrie Irving Shoes to know, did he need to show Yao more respect?It was because O’Neal’s parents ran his fan club and came across some old missives in the fan club archive. “He showed me letters Moncler Sale that Yao used to write me when he was a youngster in China,” O’Neal said. “Christmas cards, birthday cards. My father said, ‘The guy looked up to you.’ Most of the guys I Moncler Outlet was killing, I looked up to them. But he said Yao looked up to me, so show him a little more respect. Our relationship changed after that.”There was a time, after Yao entered Anthony Davis Jerseys the league in 2002, that battles between his Rockets and O’Neal’s Lakers were highly anticipated. The two only faced each other 13 times (plus five playoff games in a 2004 series) in their Stephen Curry Jerseys careers, so the rivalry never truly blossomed. But a few months before Yao entered the league, O’Neal said in a television interview, “Tell Yao Ming, ‘Ching-chong-yang-wah-ah-soh,” and was criticized for the racist overtones Paul George Jerseys of that statement. He’d set up Yao as a rival to be attacked.O’Neal later apologized for the quote and their relationship evolved after his father told him about the letters he’d received. It’s Kobe Bryant Jerseys somewhat sad — foot injuries cut short Yao’s career, or else he still might be playing — that the two players are going into the Hall of Fame together on Friday, but maybe Jimmy Butler Jerseys fitting, too. After their rocky initial meetings, Yao and O’Neal have become good friends.“I always respected him,” Yao said. “When you come into the league at the time I did, as a big Cheap NCAA Jerseys man, you have to respect him because he was the best in the league. But he is a great guy off the court, too, more than just a great player.”Congratulations, Kobe!The retired Canada Goose Jacket Lakers star and his wife, Vanessa, have welcomed their third daughter, according to TMZ.The baby was reportedly born earlier this week extending Kobe’s family to five.The couple have two other daughters — Natalia, Kyrie Irving Jerseys 13, and Gianna, 10.Back in July, Bryant took to instagram to announce his wife’s pregnancy.The baby’s name has not yet been revealed, but we’re completely happy calling her Baby Mamba for now. Chris Paul Jerseys
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