Long Castle v 4.0

Long-Castle-v-4.0-1 Long-Castle-v-4.0-2 Long-Castle-v-4.0-3

Long Castle Multifruit Map
This Map Requires 2.0 Patch. Will not work without it
Titanium DLC is required as well

Fruit Types on map: Liquid Manure, Lime-Kalk, Bread, Water, Hops, Beer, Fertilizer, Sunflower, Rye, Oat, Millet, Dinkel, Hemp, Carrot, Onion, Sorghum, Triticale, GreenWheat, Apple, Strawberry, Cherry, Plum, Cabbage

Authors: Giants Software, GE-Mapping, Blacky_PPG, Blue-Tiger, VertexDesigns, Mario, Ganelcer, agrorepa, ni_modding, Bluebaby210, LWS Terminator, majo84, Marhu, [FSM] Webby, Rafftnix, Funky, Tiago Piloneto, Chuzonet, Bonzai Micha, Livestyler, Berty, John Deere 6930, JauchenPaule, KundS Modding


One Response to Long Castle v 4.0

  1. fuiret says:

    trzs belle map domage il manque des remorques pour certain produits
    ( hopfen. pain. bierre .) merci

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