JTA Homburg v 1.0


– Lanes
– Narrowed
– Added new mountain passes
– Changing farm
– Hangars
– Spwanpoint
– Gas station, grain removal and removal spray to the point
– Moved beet and potato storage
– BGA changes
– Replace silos and increases
– Complete enlarged terrain
– Added 2 manure bunker
– Added a straw power plant
– Fences and barriers removed
– Changed textures which
– Changed grubber texture
– Changed Säh texture
– Changed plow texture
– Modified corn texture in green
– Modified canola texture

Authors: K und S Modding, breziol, mailmann, fendtfan1, NL Modding, Burn_out, flo1997, emo panda, Farmerahner, Fendt512_Farmer, burner, GeneralX(C), Giants, Tholen


4 Responses to JTA Homburg v 1.0

  1. Marenello112 says:

    Dies ist meine Map! Bitte entfernt diese von der seite oder benutzt wenigstens meinen downloadlink!!

  2. Marenello112 says:

    this is my map. please use my original download link or remove it.
    my modified

  3. admin says:

    Link Reupload for Original

  4. hawk67 says:

    hello how do i contact the owner of a mod

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