John Deere 6800 FL Dirt v 2.0


– Speed ​​46 km/h
– Interactive control (door, side and rear window, steering wheel, lights, speedometer / tachometer)
– Lighting fixtures
– Manual ignition
– Speedometer
– Tachometer
– Turn signal indicators
– ES Limiter
– Hours
– Adjustable tow hitch
– Rear dual wheels
– Retractable FL console
– Script passenger
– Realistic exhaust
– Dust from the wheels

Authors: grünerBauer, MB3D-Modelling, JDFan, Geri


One Response to John Deere 6800 FL Dirt v 2.0

  1. thegreatgtafan says:

    When I use this tractor all my controls go away and I have to Alt+Ctrl+Delete and close my game. Any way to fix it? I even tried it with just this tractor in mod folder, still happens.

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