Holland Map v 1.0

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Still it’s a Beta cause still some trouble with the Milktruck. To much collisions with the Ai Traffic. It has 18 fields, and field 15 is owned by you. You start with enough equipment to make some profits.You’re find a lot off things for example:2 farms, 1 supermarket to sell your eggs, 1 sheepbarn to sell your wool, 2 BGAS, 1 milk dairy, 1 cowzone, 1 sheepzone, 1 chickenzone, a farmshop to sell your products, a vehicleshop, and much much more…

Author: Arthur Vince NL



3 Responses to Holland Map v 1.0

  1. ricardo says:

    This folder does not start indicates that an error that farming simulator not working

  2. ArthurVinceNL says:

    Other LINK to download the map:


  3. Xdtox says:

    Not working !

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